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Keep Leving Up

Fundraiser for Los Angeles based non-profit The Cypher Spot


Exclusive track by 20 Killz as seen in his battle verse Bullet and the brand new class Chest Triggers by Beast. This track is a exclusive and can only be picked up here. 20 Killz is partnering with us to help fundraise for the legendary krump spot The Cypher Spot as they are opening a brand new location for their non-profit. 100% of proceeds will go towards their work to provide free and affordable dance/art programs to the under-served youth of Los Angeles.


Beast | Chest Triggers

Beast takes you through a 22min drill based class about using your chest to trigger arm and leg movement within your get off. This class is eye opening and can really help you get on your next buck level.

Beast | Chest Triggers + 20 Kills | Way 2 Bvck